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Cookie Crumz, simply successful

Jordan Paquette graduated from Algonquin's baking and pastry arts program in 2010 and is now running his own baking business Simply Crumz. Paquette specializes in the baking of cookies and biscotti


Simply Crumz, the brainchild of an Algonquin College alumnus, is a small baking business operating out of a family kitchen. It’s only driving force is the owner’s ambition and baking skills.

Jordan Paquette specializes in cookies and biscotti, which are not your grandmother’s biscotti. Simpply Crumz’s range of biscotti comes in flavours such as Grand Marnier, amaretto or spiced almonds. Paquette’s currently working on cookie cakes, the size of a cake but chewy like a cookie.

“I want to be a part of the fresh and local. I don’t want to bake from frozen anymore,” said Paquette.

He is so dedicated to having fresh products that he makes his own crystallized ginger, despite the availability of a ready-made option. It’s also more cost effective.

Paquette graduated from Algonquin’s baking pastry arts program in 2010, but he has been baking since high school. He did his Grade 12 co-op at Loblaw’s, where he got to bake and decorate.

Paquette has always wanted to own his own business where he could provide his clients with a fresh alternative to the pre-packaged and frozen “baked” goods people buy at their local supermarket.

Despite being a small company, Simply Crumz celebrated several milestones last Christmas: the company’s first birthday and the tripling of profits.

Paquette has accomplished much on his own and while it takes a lot of work, he doesn’t feel the need to partner with anyone. “I don’t see [having a partner] being the right thing to do because you hear a lot of stories of you [partnering] up with somebody then in the long they don’t want to stay,” said Paquette. “[It causes] a lot of fights, a lot of problems.”

Paquette is trying to get investors interested in his business so he can expand. “I’m still trying to prove to them that I can do it,” he said. “My biggest goal right now is to expand to something real, like my own bakery. I have many different options of what I could do but the main one is to expand and have my own place.”

His biggest ambition is to have a bakery close to home in Kanata that would offer fresh, homemade goods. There’s hardly any competition since every other bakery is affiliated with a supermarket where the only option is pre-packaged and frozen. “I’d like to have something … where someone can come down and basically have a coffee and a piece of cake and have a good time.”

For more information, contact Jordan Paquette at 613-882-2901 or visit

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